How does the American Equity annuity work?

How does the American Equity annuity work?

How do fixed annuities work? This long-term retirement product is purchased with an insurance provider that, in turn, guarantees principal protection, tax-deferred growth on assets and a reliable income stream. Throughout the course of the contract, the fixed annuity earns interest based on an established rate.

Who owns American Equity insurance?

American Equity Investment Life Holding CompanyAmerican Equity Investment Life Insurance Company / Parent organization

What is the rating of American Equity?

Rating effective 8/5/15, affirmed 8/20/2021. Fitch Ratings assigned American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company an Insurer Financial Strength rating of “A-” (Outlook Negative). Fitch Ratings utilizes 19 rating categories ranging from “AAA” to “C.” An “A-” rating is the seventh highest rating.

Is American Equity FDIC insured?

Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of American Equity and are not guaranteed by any bank or insured by the FDIC.

Are index annuities tax free?

With a fixed indexed annuity, your deposits into the account are not tax-deductible; however, you don’t owe tax on your interest earnings until you or your beneficiaries receive money from the account. Tax deferral is a powerful benefit because the money in your account can grow even faster.

Is American Equity being sold?

The retirement insurer announced Jan. 3 that it was selling about 6% of the publicly traded company to Brookfield Asset Management Reinsurance Partners for about $252 million. The transaction gives Brookfield, a Canadian investment company, a 16% stake in American Equity.

How long has American Equity been in business?

The foundation of industry values that was laid at American Equity from its beginning in 1995 is the same one you can find at American Equity of New York.

Can you lose money in an indexed annuity?

You Can Lose Money While indexed annuities are considered more conservative than variable annuities—and make a selling point of their guaranteed return—they nonetheless carry risks. One is if you need to get out of the contract early because of a financial emergency or other pressing need.

What is American Equity Fund?

The FÉRIQUE American Equity Fund seeks to maximize long-term return by capital appreciation. The Fund mainly invests in all classes and categories of common shares on the US market.