How many levels are in midday Gardens?

How many levels are in midday Gardens?

To get to these worlds, you’ll need to complete the four Spyro levels and the side-character level in Sunrise Spring to pull down the balloon, then defeat Buzz in Buzz’s Dungeon….Midday Gardens.

Level Eggs Gems
Midday Garden Home 5 400
Sgt. Byrd’s Base 3 500
Icy Peak 6 500
Enchanted Towers 6 500

How do you hit the target in midday gardens Spyro?

If you hold Triangle / Y, you can aim them to hit targets above or below Spyro.

How do you open the door in the Enchanted Tower?

Flame the button at the top to open the door, then jump up the nearby steps with the two Red Gems and the Vase with the Purple Gem before Gliding to the next room.

Where is the secret ice cave in midday Gardens?

To the right of the lake/river at the start of the level is an ice cave.

How do you unlock Sgt Byrd in Spyro?

Byrd Challenge Portal located to the right of the Return Home Portal. To unlock it, you must free Sgt. Byrd in the Midday Garden Home by paying Moneybags 700 Gems. In this section, you’ll need to pick up the tiki heads scattered throughout the level and place them on the bodies in the central room.

Where are all the gems in midday Gardens?

Midday Gardens Gems

  • Sgt. Byrd’s Base.
  • Icy Peak.
  • Spooky Swamp.
  • Bamboo Terrace.

How do you smash to the mountain top in Bamboo Terrace?

Smash to the Mountain Top Go down the left-hand side of the grassy mound dividing the way forward and kill the Umbrella Rhynoc for a Purple Gem. As you continue forward, use a carefully-timed Overhead Bash to safely break the stone panda head before it hurts you.

How do you unlock Sgt Byrd in enchanted towers?

Byrd, who can be freed by Moneybags in the Midday Gardens Home for 700 Gems. As Spyro, make it to the island after the one with the Sorceress statue (the one with all the Flying Geckos), then go left and up the bridge and into the Challenge Portal.

How do you beat icy peak in Spyro?

Glide to the Whirlwind and, when you land, go left to get to the elevated spot that overlooks the cracked ice. Glide above it and quickly Hover and Headbash, breaking open a hole in the ice and allowing you to Swim underneath it!

How many eggs are in a midday garden?

150 eggs
In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Spyro has got to make his way through 30 complicated levels to try and find 150 eggs!

How do I rescue my Sgt Byrd?

Byrd’s Base can be found in the Midday Garden Home, in the building surrounded by a circular stone path. You’ll need to pay Moneybags 700 Gems to free Sgt. Byrd and activate the Portal.

How do you rescue the last hummingbird on Spyro?

Hummingbird #5 can be found by crossing to the opposite side of the area and dropping down into the lava tunnel. Fly through to the room at the end to free the last Hummingbird and get the Egg!

How many portals does sunrise spring have?

To progress to the next set of levels, you’ll need to complete the four Spyro levels and the side-character level to pull down the balloon, then defeat Buzz in Buzz’s Dungeon….Sunrise Spring.

Level Eggs Gems
Sheila’s Alp 3 400
Sunny Villa 6 400
Cloud Spires 6 400
Molten Crater 6 400

How do you get the smash on the mountaintop egg?

Egg #4: Smash to the Mountain Top The Challenge Portal meanwhile is located across the bridge to the right of the Return Home Portal. As the description says, smash through the boulders and Rhynocs to get to the top of the hill and get the Egg.

How do you break the tower wall in Spyro?

Egg #4: Break the Tower Wall From the arrival point, dive into the lake and swim to the bottom. Paddle over to the edge where it drops down: look to the bottom of the wall on your right for a cracked portion of the wall that you can Charge down to enter a room with this Egg in it.

How do I find my Sgt Byrd?