How much are tickets to the Rijksmuseum?

How much are tickets to the Rijksmuseum?

EUR0 – EUR20 ⋅ rijksmuseum.nlRijksmuseum / Tickets

What is special about the Rijksmuseum?

The Rijksmuseum houses over one million artworks and can display upwards of 8,000 pieces at one time. This vast collection contains many masterpieces created by preeminent historical figures and includes work by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh.

What is the main art museum in Amsterdam?

1. Rijksmuseum. Designed by Pierre Cuypers and opened in 1885, the Rijksmuseum holds the country’s largest collection of art and artefacts, including 22 Rembrandts and four Vermeers.

What can you see at Rijksmuseum?

1 – The Great Hall. This is probably one of the most beautiful galleries and something you shouldn’t miss in the Rijksmuseum.

  • 2 – Still Lives.
  • 3 – Vermeer’s paintings.
  • 4 – Jan Steen’s paintings.
  • 5 – ‘The Threatened Swan’
  • 6 – Rembrandt’s paintings.
  • 7 – ‘Night Watch’
  • 8 – Rijksmuseum Library.
  • Is Rijksmuseum worth visiting?

    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is in the top 3 of most visited museums of the Netherlands and we totally understand why. With it’s magnificent art from the Netherlands and lots of other countries, it’s well worth visiting.

    Is the Van Gogh Museum worth it in Amsterdam?

    Wonderful! We all learned so much and it is a wonderful museum for all ages. We recommend getting the audio tour as you walk through too because it can be so crowded that you may have trouble reading the descriptions next to the paintings.

    Is Van Gogh in the Rijksmuseum?

    Visitors. The Van Gogh Museum, which is a national museum (Dutch: rijksmuseum), is a foundation (Dutch: stichting).

    Should I go to the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum?

    Ultimately, if you’re an art-history buff and fan of the Dutch masters, the Rijksmuseum won’t disappoint. Fans of Van Gogh’s works, on the other hand, shouldn’t pass up the chance to see so many of his masterpieces in one place. And if you can’t visit them both on this trip, you could always return to Amsterdam.