How old is Fang in Maximum Ride?

How old is Fang in Maximum Ride?

Fang, is 14 years old (15 in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel), is second-in-command of the flock, and is Max’s best friend (he later becomes her boyfriend). Fang is able to virtually disappear, but he has to stay very still and quiet.

Why is Ari jealous of Max?

Ari’s hatred of the flock members is also more complicated. He doesn’t want to kill them just because it’s a fun sport—which is why the other Erasers are hunting them down—no, Ari actually holds a pretty serious grudge against Max because she always got more attention from Jeb.

How did Maximum Ride end?

Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure Fang decides to return to the Flock. Together they learn of Angel’s survival and rescue her from the lab where she’s being held prisoner. Jeb Batchelder has returned trying to kill Fang, with help from a brainwashed Dylan.

Does nudge like Fang from Maximum Ride?

After a brush with Erasers at the beach, Nudge is present when Max kisses Fang. Nudge admits that she wants to know more about her mom, even if her mom doesn’t want her anymore.

What is the central idea of Maximum Ride Fang?

Maximum “Max” Ride is 14 years old in the first five books; in the sixth book, she turns 15. The flock (the group of five other bird-kids) is the only group of human-avian hybrids ever created. Max is the flock’s leader, and the eldest of all six children; she is four months older than Fang and six months older than Iggy. Like the rest of the flock, Max is tall for her age and has strong lungs

Who are the main characters in Maximum Ride?

Main Characters. See the Flock .

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  • Does Max like Fang?

    Max first meets him in FANG and feels attracted to him, although she is dating Fang at the time. They grow closer in ANGEL after her breakup, with their relationship developing into more of a romance, but Max continues to feel torn between the two boys.