Is mogis a creature spell?

Is mogis a creature spell?

Mogis is always an enchantment creature spell, regardless of your devotion, so Negate can’t counter it. Generally, abilities of permanent cards work only while that card is on the battlefield, unless the ability itself says otherwise or only make sense on some other zone.

How does dictate of the twin gods work?

Dictate of the Twin Gods applies to any damage, not just combat damage. It also doesn’t matter who controls the source of the damage that’s being dealt. The source of the damage doesn’t change. A spell that deals damage will specify the source of the damage, often the spell itself.

Does Syr Konrad trigger himself?

For everything but himself, yes. Creatures that die simultaneously see each other die and will trigger effects accordingly.

Is Syr Konrad fun?

Syr Konrad is fun and unique mono black commander that plays on burning your opponents as a win condition and has some quite specific combo wins mostly unique to him. Key features that differentiates him from your usual aristocrat stuff like Blood Artist / Zulaport Cutthroat are his trigger abilities.

Do gods enter the battlefield as creatures?

Even though the god is a creature spell on the stack and will be a creature AFTER it enters, the game doesn’t treat it as a creature entering the battlefield.

Do Theros gods enter as creatures?

Five gods appear on cards in Theros as legendary enchantment creatures with the creature type God. But they don’t manifest as creatures on the battlefield until your devotion to their color is high enough.

Does deal damage MTG?

Damage dealt to a creature or planeswalker doesn’t destroy it. Likewise, the source of that damage doesn’t destroy it.

Do tokens trigger Syr Konrad?

It will only trigger once. It will trigger when the token dies, but a token is not a card, and that part of the ability only triggers if a creature card leaves your graveyard.

Is Syr Konrad a good commander?

Syr Konrad is a fantastic choice for those looking into Commander who are also keen on a monoblack deck. On our journey to keep things interesting for your newer Commander players, we’ve now come to the point where we’ve decided to take a look at mono-black.