What are the characteristics of a Paso Fino horse?

What are the characteristics of a Paso Fino horse?

The Paso Fino has a refined head with a straight profile in good proportion and alert, intelligent eyes that do not show excessive white. The neck is strong and supportive with a high carriage that smoothly slopes into the back. Legs are strong and well-defined with shorter cannons and longer forearms.

Is the Paso Fino gait natural?

Paso Finos’ unique gait is natural and super-smooth. The Paso Fino is born with a gait unique to the breed, and its attitude seems to transmit to the observer that this horse knows its gait is a very special gift that must be executed with style and pride!

Is a Paso Fino a Warmblood?

Group: Warmblood The paso fino is a slow and collected gait, the paso corto covers long distances at a steady gait, and the paso largo is a faster four beat. Physical Description: The Paso Fino stands, on average, 14 hands high and comes in all colors including albino and pinto.

What’s the difference between a Peruvian Paso and a Paso Fino horse?

The two breeds are different and easily distinguishable. The Peruvian is somewhat larger, deeper in the body and wider. The Paso Fino is not bred for “termino” in its stride. The Peruvian has been called the “national horse” of Peru.

Do Paso Finos run?

Paso Finos can walk, canter, and gallop as other horses do, but their preferred way of going is their own four-beat lateral gait. The evenly spaced pattern is evident from birth and does not have to be taught to the horse, although training can refine and enhance it for the show ring.

Are Paso Finos gaited?

The Paso Fino is a naturally gaited light horse breed dating back to horses imported to the Caribbean from Spain. Pasos are prized for their smooth, natural, four-beat, lateral ambling gait; they are used in many disciplines, but are especially popular for trail riding.

Can a Paso Fino jump?

Usage and riding a Paso Fino The Paso Fino is a very versatile breed; their easiness, sure-footedness and smooth gaits make the Paso Fino into ideal trail horses. Small jumps over e.g. logs are also no problem.

How much weight can a Paso Fino carry?

Paso Finos can easily carry a rider that weighs 25% of its body weight, which is powerful. For comparison, most horse breeds shouldn’t carry any more than 20% of their body weight.

How many hands is a Paso Fino?

13 to 15.2 hands
The Paso Fino tends to be refined, standing an average of 13 to 15.2 hands (52 to 62 inches, 132 to 157 cm) but is powerful for its size. It has a convex head, clean legs and a relatively short back with prominent withers. Cannon bones tend to be short and the hooves are hard.

How fast can a Paso Fino run?

25-30 mph
The paso largo is a fast, lateral, four-beat gait in which the horse can reach speeds equivalent to a canter or slow gallop. The paso largo is not just an increase in speed but also shows a distinct extension in stride. The paso largo can be extremely fast, up to 25-30 mph.