What episodes of organized crime is Olivia Benson in?

What episodes of organized crime is Olivia Benson in?

Law & Order: Organized Crime (2 seasons, 10 episodes): Season 1: “What Happens in Puglia” • “Not Your Father’s Organized Crime” • “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of” • “An Inferior Product” • “Forget It Jake; It’s Chinatown”

What episode does Olivia Benson get hurt?

Smoked (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

Episode no. Season 12 Episode 24
Directed by Helen Shaver
Written by Jonathan Greene Daniel Truly
Production code 12024

What episode is Olivia promoted?

Benson is promoted to Captain in the episode “I’m Going to Make You a Star”, the final act of Deputy Chief Dodds before his transfer to Staten Island.

Does Olivia Benson appear in Organized Crime?

Olivia Benson reunited with Elliot Stabler on Organized Crime. The most exciting crossover for Olivia Benson, according to diehard fans, are her episodes on “Law & Order: Organized Crime” because it reunites her with former partner Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

What episode of SVU do Olivia and Elliot kiss?

“Zebras” is the twenty-second episode and season finale of the tenth season of the police procedural television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and the show’s 224th episode overall.

What episode did Benson and Stabler kiss?

“Law & Order: SVU” is in its 23rd season now and still going strong. The most recently aired Episode 6, aptly titled “The Five Hundredth Episode,” marks a rare milestone in the show’s history that not many TV programs ever get to celebrate.

What episode does Elliot and Olivia kiss?

What episode does Benson and Stabler kiss?

What season did Olivia Benson become captain?

21st season
In Season 17, she is promoted to Lieutenant and becomes the squad’s official commanding officer. She is promoted to Captain in the 21st season.

Are Olivia and Elliot in love?

Mariska Hargitay Confirms Law and Order’s Olivia Has ‘Been in Love’ with Elliot for ‘Many a Year’ The rumors are true. Law and Order’s Olivia Benson is in love with Elliot Stabler, according to Mariska Hargitay.