What happens to the governess in Turn of the Screw?

What happens to the governess in Turn of the Screw?

Read the introductory guide to The Turn of the Screw Mrs Grose, the housekeeper identifies the man as Peter Quint (the master’s valet) and the woman as Miss Jessel (the former governess); but both are dead.

What happened to the children’s previous governess?

Grose what happened to the previous governess. Mrs. Grose replies that she does not know exactly what happened. She says only that one day the old governess left, apparently having fallen ill, and not long thereafter she heard from the children’s uncle that the previous governess had died.

What does Mrs Grose tell the governess about Miles?

To Mrs. Grose’s relief, the governess says she will send for the children’s uncle. The two discuss the problem of Miles’s expulsion, with the governess deciding that the reason was “wickedness.” Mrs. Grose defends Miles, saying his relationship with Quint was not his fault and that she will take the blame.

Does the governess love Miles?

Although the governess adores Miles and Flora when she first meets them, she quickly becomes suspicious of their every word and action, convinced that they hope to deceive her. She is fickle, however, and frequently switches back to being absolutely sure of their pure innocence.

What happens while Miles plays the piano for the governess?

After dinner, Miles approaches the governess to ask if she would like him to play the piano for her. She is delighted, and he plays remarkably for some time, until the governess realizes the length of time that has passed and realizes that Flora is nowhere to be seen.

Why is the governess an unreliable narrator?

The fact that all opinions of the characters are articulated from the governess makes her an unreliable narrator, as she could be incorrectly portraying the characters and their views.

How old is the governess at the beginning of her story?

The Governess The protagonist of the novella, a twenty-year-old woman who has been put in charge of educating and supervising Flora and Miles at the country estate of Bly.

How old is Flora in the turning?

Flora. An eight-year-old girl, the younger of the governess’s two charges. Flora is beautiful and well mannered, a pleasure to be around. Although the governess loves Flora, she is disturbed that Flora, like Miles, seems strangely impersonal and reticent about herself.