What is a C5 Building NYC?

What is a C5 Building NYC?

C5 is a central commercial district with continuous retail frontage intended for offices and retail establishments that serve the entire metropolitan region. Famous shopping streets, such as Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and East 57th Street are C5 districts.

What is an R 3 Building NYC?

R3-1 Zoning Code – New York City R3-1 districts are the lowest density districts that allow semi-detached one- and two-family residences, as well as detached homes. R3-1 districts generally follow existing patterns of development – a minimum lot width of 40 feet for detached houses, and 18 feet for semi-detached.

What is R-3 zoning NY?

R3-2 districts are general residence districts that allow a variety of housing types, including low-rise attached houses, small multifamily apartment houses, and detached and semi-detached one- and two-family residences. It is the lowest density zoning district in which multiple dwellings are permitted.

What is R2 zoning in NYC?

In NYC R2 is a low density zoning district in NYC where one can build single family detached residences. A detached house is one that has yards on all sides of the house and is not attached to the neighbor’s house.

What is a C4 building?

Use Class C4 (houses in multiple occupation) relates to small shared houses occupied by between three and six unrelated individuals, as their only or main residence, who share basic amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom.

What is R20 zoning WA?

R20 zoning: Generally indicates a density of 20 dwellings units per hectare. Minimum site area is 350sqm, with an average of 450sqm. The residence must cover at least 50% of the total site, with at least 30sqm of outdoor living. The residence must have a minimum setback of 6m from the primary street.

What is R60 zoning WA?

Your local government controls which areas are zoned with each R-Code. The codes R25 and below are considered low-density, while the medium density codes are R30 through R60. The codes R80 and above are therefore high-density areas.

What is class E property?

As you may already know that Class E covers shops, offices, gyms, restaurants, workshops and many other types of commercial building. Put simply, this means that conversions from any of those uses, including retail, to residential will not require full planning permission if certain conditions are met.

What is Zone B6?

What is zone B6 Enterprise Corridor? The B6 Enterprise Corridor zone enables a mix of employment uses including business, office and light industrial uses as well as bulky goods retailing. The zone applies in a few small areas along main roads.

What does R25 zone mean?