What is meant by a half-caste?

What is meant by a half-caste?

Definition of half-caste offensive. : one of mixed racial descent : half-breed.

Is it a half-caste or an half-caste?

half-caste ​Definitions and Synonyms

singular half-caste
plural half-castes

How does half-caste show identity?

“Half-Caste” Speaker The speaker could be male or female, and the speaker’s “half-caste” identity could technically consist of any mix of races. The use of Caribbean Creole dialect, however, suggests the speaker is of Caribbean heritage—like the poet himself, who was born in Guyana.

What is half-caste in Australia?

half-caste – includes any person either of whose parents `is or was an aboriginal native of Australia or of any of the islands adjacent or belonging thereto and any child of any such person’. It does not include a person who comes within the definition of `aboriginal’.

What is another name for half cast?

What is another word for half-caste?

mixture cross
halfling half-blood
mixed-breed cur
mestizo mixblood
half blood half-bred

Who is an Afcast?

n. A person of mixed racial descent. adj. Of mixed racial descent.

What is John Agard’s race?

John Agard FRSL (born 21 June 1949 in British Guiana) is an Afro-Guyanese playwright, poet and children’s writer, now living in Britain.

What is the message of checking out me history?

The poem suggests the colonial syllabus deliberately blinded colonized people to their own histories, and argues that only by re-learning their history can these people can fully understand and embrace their identities.

What does Quarter caste mean?

quarter-caste (plural quarter-castes) (Australia, New Zealand, derogatory) A person with one “half-caste” parent and one Caucasian parent quotations ▼

What is half-caste cream?

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What is Agard?

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