What is MFC class hierarchy?

What is MFC class hierarchy?

MFC class hierarchy tree is a visual representation of classes in parent child format. It gives us the idea of parent class from which it is derived. Also the child classes which are derived from this. CObject is the base class of most of the MFC classes.

How do you serialize an object?

To serialize an object

  1. Create the object and set its public fields and properties.
  2. Construct a XmlSerializer using the type of the object.
  3. Call the Serialize method to generate either an XML stream or a file representation of the object’s public properties and fields.

What is the use of CCmdTarget in MFC?

CCmdTarget is the parent class for the Microsoft Foundation Class Library message-map architecture. A message map routes commands or user messages to the member functions developers write to handle them. A command is a message from a menu item, command button, or accelerator key.

What is serialization which function is responsible for serializing data?

The Serialize member function, which is defined in the CObject class, is responsible for actually serializing the data necessary to capture an object’s current state. The Serialize function has a CArchive argument that it uses to read and write the object data.

Can all objects be serialized?

Static fields in a class cannot be serialized. If the serialversionuid is different in the read class it will throw a InvalidClassException exception. If a class implements serializable then all its sub classes will also be serializable.

Is MFC still supported by Microsoft?

The first version was released in 1992. Although it has long been succeeded by the . NET environment as the most widely-used Windows development framework, MFC is by no means ‘dead’. It is likely to be found in some older legacy code bases, and it’s still being developed and supported by Microsoft.

What’s the difference between serialization and encoding?

Serializing is about moving structured data over a storage/transmission medium in a way that the structure can be maintained. Encoding is more broad, like about how said data is converted to different forms, etc.