What is the frequency for StarTimes?

What is the frequency for StarTimes?

StarTimes TV © LyngSat, last updated 2022-05-29 – https://www.lyngsat.com/packages/StarTimes-TV.html
Frequency Beam EIRP (dBW) System SR FEC Channel Name
3744 R tp 3C C 0 DVB-S2 8PSK SR 9075 FEC 5/6 NTA News 24
NTA Sports 24
NTA Igbo

How do I increase my signal strength on StarTimes?

If you’re using an indoor antenna, change its position by putting the antenna near/ out of the window if possible. If using an outdoor antenna, adjust the antenna towards our terrestrial transmitter in your area and ensure the pole is straight.

Which satellite is Startimes using?

Startimes satellite TV is currently broadcasting free on EUTELSAT 10A at 10 degrees East with more than 30 interested channels. Below are the tracking details such as the frequency, symbol rate, polarization, position and requirements for the Startimes free channels at Eutelsat 10A.

How do I connect my Startimes aerial?

Your Startimes antenna must face relatively towards the transmission mast nearest to your locality. You can find out where the transmission mast is stationed by asking dealer offices around you. Thereafter, connect the other end of your cable wire to the “ANTENNA IN” port behind your Startimes digital decoder.

How do I set frequency on Startimes decoder?

Press the Menu button on your remote, scroll to System Setting and press OK. On Channel Search, Select Manual Search and press OK, enter frequency 522 Kampala, 690 Jinja, and 674 Masaka for Local Channels and 490/498 Kampala, 634/674 Jinja, 602/626 Masaka for International channels and then press OK to search.

Can GOtv antenna work with Startimes decoder?

Any type of aerial will work be it the GOtv antenna, startimes antenna, Jetta antenna or Ellies antenna. Aerial are simple so even a sufuria antenna will work. For everything to work you need an RF (Radio Frequency) splitter like the one in the image.

Can Startimes decoder use DStv dish?

It will now be easier for Satellite TV users from DStv and Zuku in Kenya to migrate to Startimes Satellite transmission. This is after Startimes announced that users who already have the Satellite dishes on the rival service providers can move by just buying the Startimes HD Decoder.

What is the direction of Startimes antenna?

Your Startimes antenna should face relatively towards the transmission mast that is close to your area.

What satellite is Startimes?

StarTimes TV Uganda on Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°W – LyngSat.

Is StarTimes better than DStv?

Though criticized for its grossly limited channels and its programmes falling short of what DStv and GOtv offers, StarTimes has recently gone through brand refresh, rejigging its content offerings and now offers a richer mix of quality content at a more affordable price than DStv/GOtv.

Which is better StarTimes or DStv?

While they all stream good programmes, DStv presents the most expensive subscription plans, while giving a cheaper option in its GOtv plans. StarTimes on the other hand is targeted at providing quality content to the average Nigerian at affordable prices.