What is the item ID for tranq darts in Ark?

What is the item ID for tranq darts in Ark?

To spawn an item using the Item ID, use the command: “admincheat GiveItemNum “. To spawn the item using the Blueprint path, use the command: “admincheat GiveItem “….Tranquilizer Dart Item ID Share. Link. Link copied!

Class / Command PrimalItemAmmo_TranqDart_C
GFI Code GFI Tranqdart 1 0 0

How do you spawn tranq guns in Ark?

To spawn Longneck Rifle, use the command: admincheat summon 132.

How do you shock a tranq darts GFI?

To spawn Shocking Tranquilizer Dart, use the GFI code. The GFI code for Shocking Tranquilizer Dart is RefinedTranq. Click the ‘copy’ button to copy the GFI code to your clipboard.

How do you spawn tranq arrows in Ark?

To spawn Tranq Arrow, use the command: admincheat summon 70. To spawn using the GFI command, please see the GFI command.

How do you summon items in Ark?

To summon them, use the Summon or SummonTamed command, and the bolded creature ID below.

What is the best torpor weapon ark?

Tranquilizer Comparison Table

Ammunition Weapon Torpor / Narcotic
Tranq Arrow Bow 90
Tranq Arrow Compound Bow 121.5
Tranq Arrow Crossbow 157.5
Tranquilizer Dart Longneck Rifle 73.7

What is the give item command?

Give Command in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) targets or player is the name of the player (or a target selector) to give the item to. item is the name of the item to give (See Minecraft Item Names). amount is optional. It is the amount of the item that you want to give.

What is the give item command in Ark?

GiveItem Command Share Adds the specified item (or its blueprint) to the player’s inventory in the specified quantity and with the specified quality.

What dinosaur has the highest torpor?

Highest Torpor Rate Dinos:

  • Giganotosaurus (120 torpor/s at level 1, increases with each level)
  • Wyvern (including Crystal Wyvern) (25/s)
  • Mosasaurus (12.8/s)
  • Dimetrodon (5/s)
  • Gallimimus (4.18/s)
  • Megalania (3.6/s)
  • Pachyrhinosaurus (3.5/s)
  • Quetzal (3.4/s)

How many Tranqs does a Giganotosaurus have?

on here the wiki says it will take 78 tranq darts to knock it out. we found that not to be the case. we didn’t manage to knock it out even though we shot 200+ tranq darts, 200+ tranq arrows into it. 80% of the shots where headshots for the extra damage multiplier.