What is the role of the Hansard?

What is the role of the Hansard?

The principal function of Hansard reporters is to prepare edited transcripts of parliamentary debates. In addition, the department provides transcripts of evidence given before parliamentary committees.

What type of information is found in Hansard?

Core Function of Hansard The Hansard Department is responsible for House Reports. It produces verbatim reports of House proceedings, and proceedings of oversight/ watchdog committees of National Assembly.

Which case allowed the use of Hansard?

Pepper (Inspector of Taxes)
Hansard is the official report of what was said in Parliament when the Act was debated. The use of Hansard was permitted following the decision in Pepper (Inspector of Taxes) v Hart (1993) where the House of Lords accepted that Hansard could be used in a limited way.

Who records Hansard?

Hansard reporters
Members’ words are recorded by Hansard reporters and then edited to remove repetitions and obvious mistakes but without taking away from the meaning. The text of debates in the Commons and Lords is published online during the day – a speech is made available about three hours after a Member has finished delivering it.

Can Hansard be edited?

Rewriting or altering the transcript: the Hansard record is, as far as is possible, a record of what was actually said. A speaker should not change the transcript to put in what they wished they had said or what they would have written in a formal paper on the subject.

Is Hansard an intrinsic aid?

Another important extrinsic aid is Hansard. This is a book which records everything said in Parliament when a Bill is being passed.

Where are Hansard records kept?

the Australian Parliament
Official records are kept of everything that is said and done in the Australian Parliament. These records include Hansard, Journals of the Senate, and Votes and Proceedings.

What is Pepper v Hart rule?

Related Content. Following the decision in Pepper v Hart [1993] AC 593, if primary legislation is ambiguous or obscure the courts may in certain circumstances take account of statements made in Parliament by Ministers or other promoters of a Bill in construing that legislation.

Is Hansard intrinsic or extrinsic?

Who are the Hansard staff?

Hansard staff Hansard reporters sit at a small table in the middle of the Chamber, near the end of the Table of the House. They are responsible for producing a written record of the proceedings. These days computer-assisted transcription and voice recognition technology are used, rather than shorthand.