What thickness of Perspex do I need?

What thickness of Perspex do I need?

If there’s a lot of support underneath the acrylic, you can choose a thinner sheet – although we would still advise a minimum thickness of 5mm – whereas if there is minimal support, we would recommend that you choose a minimum of 8mm in thickness to ensure that it stays stable.

Can Perspex be cut to size?

Acrylic sheet and its Plexiglas equivalent are also easy to fabricate and machine, and bond effectively with adhesives and solvents. It can be cut to any shape, size or thickness, making it a versatile and flexible material that’s ideal for so many uses.

How strong is 4mm Perspex?

4mm acrylic sheets are rigid and so are perfectly suitable as a stronger alternative to glass, that is unless using sheets larger than 2m², which may bend slightly if unsupported. If you plan to use a large sheet of acrylic unsupported, we recommend you use a thickness of 5mm or greater.

What is the best tool to cut perspex with?


  • Jigsaw with a fine-tooth blade.
  • Ruler/straight edge and marker pen.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Flat work surface.
  • Clamp (optional)

Does Bunnings cut Perspex size?

Re: Cutting acrylic sheet to size Unfortunately, we do not offer a cutting service for the acrylic sheet. To cut the sheet yourself, you can use a jigsaw and fine-toothed blade. Alternatively, you can use a score and snap knife. Mark the line you wish to cut and then clamp a piece of timber as a guide on it.

How do you screw Perspex together?

Perspex can be tapped for threaded screws. Standard taps and dies may be used for cutting screw threads into Perspex. The use of lubricants is essential. If an item is only being assembled once then self tapping screws may be used at your own risk.

Is plexiglass the same as Perspex?

What is perspex? The brand perspex uses a material called Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), an acrylic. This acrylic material is also referred to as acrylic glass, plexiglass and various other trade names such as Sheet Plastics, all of which use this transparent thermoplastic material.

Can Perspex be used outdoors?

Perspex or Plexiglass) and polycarbonate, offer all-weather protection and a long lifespan when used outside and in the garden.

Is Perspex the same as plexiglass?

Is 3mm Perspex bendy?

3mm acrylic sheets are somewhat flexible when working with large sheets, but smaller panes will be more rigid and so are perfectly suitable as a stronger alternative to glass and so is perfect for replacement picture frame glass.

What is the best drill bit for perspex?

Diamond Dusted Drill Bits This dust enables the bit’s cutting edge to remain sharp. The bits come with a 60 degree points and 0 degree rake. Diamond dusted bits are good for stack drilling or drilling multiple layers of plexiglass or plastic materials.