Where can I report a pharmacy in South Africa?

Where can I report a pharmacy in South Africa?

Fax number: (012) 321 1479/92. E-mail address: [email protected], alternatively the complaint can be lodged online. Click here to access the Complaints Form 1.

What is Saacp?

The South African Association of Community Pharmacists (SAACP) is a sector body of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA). Empowerment. We dedicate ourselves to the principles enshrined in this our Constitution. Standard & Regulations. Access national & provincial acts and regulations, and by-laws.

How do I get a pharmacy license in South Africa?

Any person desiring to own a pharmacy in terms of section 22A of the Act must submit an application form to the Director-General, and comply with the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, and its Regulations: Section 22 and 22A of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974. Regulations relating to the ownership and licensing of pharmacies.

What is the Pharmacy Act of South Africa?

To consolidate and amend the laws providing for the establish- ment of the South African Pharmacy Board and for the training and registration of pharmacists, trainee phar- macists, pharmacy students, unqualified assistants and pharmaceutical technicians; to provide for the control of the practice of tbe pharmaceutical …

What is Section 3 in the pharmacy Act?

3 of Act No. 88 of 1997.] (g) to maintain and enhance the dignity of the pharmacy profession and the integrity of persons practising that profession.

What does a pharmacist earn in South Africa?

A Pharmacist in South Africa earns an average of R 504 420 gross per year, which is about R 42 040 gross per month. The starting salary of a Pharmacist in South Africa is around R 360 900 gross per year.

Who can be a Sapr VA?

In order to apply to become a SAPR VA the following is required:

  • 21 years of age and 2 years’ time in service (waiverable after SARC speaks with applicant and applicant’s CoC)
  • A driver’s license.
  • Approval from CoC.
  • An interview with Command SAPR Point of Contact (SAPR POC)
  • A local background check.

Can a non pharmacist own a pharmacy in South Africa?

In 2003, the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, and in particular Section 22, was amended to allow non-pharmacist to own pharmacies in South Africa.

Can I open a pharmacy without being a pharmacist?

Without pharmacist, you can’t get any retail drug license. If you or your partner don’t have any pharmacy qualification and you want to open retail drug store then you need to hire a pharmacist as a full time employee.

Who regulates pharmacy in South Africa?

Welcome to the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC), the regulator established in terms of the Pharmacy Act, 1974 (Act 53 of 1974) to regulate pharmacists, pharmacy support personnel and pharmacy premises in South Africa.

What medication is schedule 5?

Prescription medicine with a high scheduling status, such as schedule 5 or 6, includes antidepressants, sleeping tablets, and strong pain medication.

What is pit in pharmacy?

PIT. Pharmacist initiated therapy. PLASA. Pharmaceutical Logistics Association of South Africa. PSP.