Who is Alaina Huffman married to?

Who is Alaina Huffman married to?

John Henry Huffman IVAlaina Huffman / Spouse (m. 2003–2016)

Who played Abaddon?

Alaina Huffman
Alaina Huffman (born April 17, 1980) is a Canadian film and television actress who portrays the demon Abaddon, in turn her human vessel Josie Sands, on Supernatural. She has also appeared on the television series Smallville and Stargate Universe. She is married and has four children.

Who plays Nicky in the 100?

Alaina Huffman (Supernatural, Smallville) will appear as a recurring guest star on the seventh and final season of The 100 on The CW. Huffman will portray the character named Nikki.

What season is Abaddon in?

Season 8
Season 8. Abaddon follows Henry into the year 2013. Abaddon appeared in the year 2013 in As Time Goes By, where she was met by Henry’s grandsons, Sam and Dean Winchester. Dean managed to stab her with the demon-killing knife, but while it hurt her, Abaddon survived, forcing the Winchesters to flee.

Who plays Genevieve on the originals?

Exclusive: The Originals Conjures Up Witchy Role For Stargate Actress Elyse Levesque. The Originals has cast SGU Stargate Universe alumna Elyse Levesque in a recurring role as the redheaded witch Genevieve, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Who plays Nikki OTH?

Emmanuelle Vaugier
Emmanuelle Frederique Vaugier (/voʊʒiˈeɪ/, voh-zhee-AY; born June 23, 1976) is a Canadian film and television actress.

Does Abaddon get killed?

Abaddon is killed by Dean Winchester with the First Blade.

What kind of demon was Abaddon?

In Revelation 9:11, Abaddon is described as “Destroyer”, the angel of the Abyss, and as the king of a plague of locusts resembling horses with crowned human faces, women’s hair, lions’ teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion’s stinger that torments for five months anyone who does not have the seal …

Did Genevieve like Klaus?

During one of the final pre-prohibition parties in the Abbatoir the night before her death, Genevieve confessed to Rebekah that she liked Klaus and perhaps was even in love with him.

Who is Genevieve in TVD?

Elyse Levesque
Born Elyse Marie Levesque September 10, 1985 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Occupation Actress
Years active 1997–present
Website elyselevesqueofficial.com

Did Lucas sleep with Nikki?

At only 17 years old, he decided the best way to mend his pain was to spend time at the local bar that didn’t card and found comfort in the arms of a stranger. The stranger ended up being Nicki, the mother of Jake Jagielski’s baby, and the two of them slept together.

Who was the witch Klaus slept with?

Genevieve was a beautiful witch with pale, fair skin, blue eyes, and wavy red hair. She had an attractive face and is tall, standing at approximately 5’10”.