Will there be another Thursday Next book?

Will there be another Thursday Next book?

We are with Thursday Next again as she journeys into the unobservable Bookworld. Slated to be written 2022, but if SofG2 takes a little longer, it may be pushed back.

What should I read after Jasper Fforde?

Jasper Fforde. is taken seriously.

  • Read Alike—Terry Pratchett. If you like the Britishness of Fforde’s books, give Terry Pratchett a try.
  • Read Alike—Connie Willis. If you like the blend of scifi/fantasy with reality of Fforde’s writing, try Connie Willis.
  • Read Alike—Mike Dunn.
  • Read Alike—William Kotzwinkle.
  • How old is Thursday Next?

    She was first introduced in Fforde’s first published novel, The Eyre Affair, released on 19 July 2001 by Hodder & Stoughton. As of 2012, the series comprises seven books, in two series. The first series is made up of the novels The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, The Well of Lost Plots and Something Rotten.

    Why did Jasper Fforde stop writing?

    His first published novel took years to write. Titled The Eyre Affair when it was published in 2002, Fforde began penning the book in 1993. He stopped for several years because he was concerned about how fans of the classic novel Jane Eyre might respond to his toying with its characters.

    Is there a sequel to Jasper Fforde shades of GREY?

    Red Side Story: The long-awaited sequel to Jasper Fforde’s bestselling Shades of Grey (Paperback)

    Is Jasper Fforde still writing?

    Two further books have been published in the series, The Song of the Quarkbeast (2011) and The Eye of Zoltar (2014). The series was originally planned as a trilogy., but a fourth book in the series was announced in 2014. The planned release date for the fourth book was originally late 2020 or early 2021.

    Who writes like Terry Pratchett?

    Authors to read if you enjoy Terry Pratchett

    • Jasper Fforde. Jasper Fforde is a British novelist, best known for his Thursday Next detective novels.
    • Douglas Adams.
    • Neil Gaiman.
    • Christopher Moore.
    • Tom Holt (K. J. Parker)
    • Ben Aaronovitch.
    • Jasper T.
    • Robert Sheckley.

    What does next Thursday mean?

    “Next Thursday” refers to the Thursday after “This Thursday”. Contributor’s comments: In Brisbane, I have been in a few slight debates over this – but it seems that most people are agreed that “this Thursday” is the Thursday that is occurring in this week, whereas “next Thursday” is the one next week.

    Who wrote about Thursday Next?

    Jasper FfordeThursday Next / Author

    Are Katie Fforde and Jasper Fforde related?

    In 1972, she married Desmond Fforde, the nephew of banker John Standish Fforde and cousin of fellow writer Jasper Fforde. She has three children: Guy, Francis and Briony, and did not start writing until after the birth of her third child.

    Where does shades of GREY book take place?

    Plot. Anastasia “Ana” Steele is a 21-year-old college senior studying English literature at the Vancouver branch of the Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington. Her best friend is Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh, who writes for the college newspaper.

    What should I read if I love Discworld?

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    • The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.
    • American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
    • The Android’s Dream by John Scalzi.
    • Goblin Quest by Jim C. Hines.
    • A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony.
    • Another Fine Myth by Robert Asprin.
    • Expecting Someone Taller by Tom Holt.
    • A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.

    Is Terry Pratchett a fantasy?

    Sir Terence David John Pratchett OBE (28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015) was an English humourist, satirist, and author of fantasy novels, especially comical works. He is best known for his Discworld series of 41 novels.

    What is Gurubar?

    Thursday variable noun. Thursday is the day after Wednesday and before Friday. /guruvara, guruvAra, guruvaara, guruvār, guruvar, guruvAr, guruvaar/

    What does last Thursday mean?

    then last Thursday is one or two days ago, but Thursday of last week is eight or nine days ago.

    How old is Katie Fforde?

    69 years (September 27, 1952)Katie Fforde / Age

    Who writes like George Macdonald Fraser?

    Anthony Dymoke Powell CH, CBE was an English novelist best known for his twelve-volume work A Dance to the Music of Time, published between 1951 and 1975.

    Who else writes like Terry Pratchett?